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Our Mission & Values


Our mission is to educate, support and empower our clients to create breakthroughs in their lives. Whether it is recovering from an injury, improving fitness levels or creating enriching relationships, we will help to transform your life through innovative physical and massage therapy, nutrition, fitness services and positive lifestyle changes. Get ready to play all out!


1. We are committed to excellence with our customer experience. Our clients are our highest priority and livelihood. "What is best for our customer" drives our actions. We strive to achieve a higher standard throughout our customer's experience.

2. We respect, nurture and encourage our team members to be great. Our team members are passionate about being the best. We foster growth in all facets of our team member's lives while promoting balance, health and well-being. We believe working together and collaborating as a team with vulnerability and transparency will achieve the best results.

3. We support, embrace and lead by example in the communities where we are located. We understand that our circle of positive influence is only as large as the people we interact with, therefore, involving ourselves in the communities we serve provides a conduit for outreach that has few boundaries and endless possibilities.

4. We provide innovative, holistic and strategic services to achieve the best results. We draw from the wisdom of the past, harness the creativity of the present and develop on an evolving future to offer the best in services to our clients, partners and community. We understand the human body is complex and change is inevitable as we embrace new possibilities to provide the most relevant services.

5. We value, respect and nurture the environment. We understand all things are connected and what affects the earth affects us all. Our health and wellbeing is dependent upon a healthy environment with clean air, clean water and clean food. Words to live by from Chief Sealth: "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." We give 1% of our pre-tax revenue as part of the 1% For The Planet Foundation to help improve the course of our one environment.

6. We believe profit is essential for growth and development. We are in business to live our mission and support the advancement of our employees, our communities and our partners. The wealth we generate drives Experience Momentum forward by funding innovation, quality improvement and expansion of our business.

7. We work hard to cultivate lasting partnerships with like-minded companies. We believe that a partnership should be mutually beneficial, while always placing the customer first. As a result, we are strategic and selective in the formation of these partnerships, and we continuously evaluate the value, purpose and benefit relative to the customers and communities we serve.