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How many Planet Earths do we have? 

How are you impacting Earth today?

At Experience Momentum we like to dream big. It is intentional that we always treat/train a person as a whole; mind, body, spirit. We find value in seeing the big picture and then assessing the parts from there. With this mindset, it is hard not to take notice of our environmental footprint as a whole; individually, locally and globally. We want to continue to set a good example and standard of doing things with the best of intentions, improving people's awareness and help hold each other accountable for our impact on not only our bodies but our mother earth as well.



1. the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed.

2. Environmental Science. the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

The impact we humans are having on our planet earth today may not be felt in our lifetimes, but our children and grand-children will pay the price for our short-sightedness unless we take a stand and doing something NOW!

Gain Awareness and education on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, take Action along with Experience Momentum to create sustainability locally and globally and finally hold yourself Accountable by using some simple take home ideas to be a positive impact on our planet starting today!


To help us to create a more healthy planet and create sustainable living in our own lives here are a few tips you can follow right now:

1. Get a recycling bin at home. 
We can make an impact on the health of our environment just by recycling all acceptable items. Each county has different parameters. Contact your local waste management company for more information.

2. Create compost at home.
Use your yard trimmings, dead leaves and food scraps to create a healthy compost where your end product is great soil to use for your garden or yard. Check out these 163 items that you can compost

3. Support local.
If you know where you products come from you can be an educated consumer and help your own community thrive. By helping your community you are helping yourself. See this list of all local farmers markets.

4.  Read food labels.
Look for GMOs, HFCS, and any ingredient that you can't pronounce. Chances are they aren't good for you! Choose REAL food! It's hard to argue that a potato is not a potato.

5. Be conscious of your energy use.
Don't leave your TV on in the other room, turn off the lights when you leave a room, put on a sweater before you turn up the heat. Simple things when performed consistently can create big changes. Watch your energy bill change too!

Any change in the right direction is a good change to make.

Thanks for your positive impact,
Team EM