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Group Classes

Whether you need explosive and overall strength (EMpowerX), cardiovascular and endurance based performance (CycleFIT), or mobility based stability (Yoga), our classes are the efficient and effective way to achieve your goals. 

These classes are fun and challenging tailored to provide maximum benefits to each participant. See descriptions below and check the calendar for our current schedule. Ultimately, we have contracted our schedule to offer three core classes, EMpowerX, CycleFIT, and Yoga that address all areas of fitness.

First Class: FREE! /  Drop-in: $19.99 / 10-pack: $120 /  Unlimited Monthly Pass $85 



This multi-structured spin class is designed with variable and successive goals that push your cardio, strength, and power to the next level. Take pace on a SpinBike or BYOB.

This workout is designed to improve your cycling efficiency, power and endurance. Drills and workouts are all a part of a periodized training plan to have you ready to hit the roads and races this spring. Don't have a bike trainer, but still looking for a great workout? No worries, spin bikes are available for use at all classes.


EMPower X

EMpowerX is a 50 minute full-body circuit designed to push every area of fitness. Come get challenged.

Circuit training is a great way to combine cardio and strength training if you are short on time. The routines provided are dynamic, focusing on muscle strength, body balance and awareness and cardio. This is a great class for beginners, intermediate or advanced exercisers because each exercise can be modified for your individual needs. Circuit routines are several exercises performed one after another in succession to maximize your training results. Our goal is to increase your strength, energy and endurance all while having a great time!

Equipment Used: 


Restore Your Core

Women-ONLY core & pelvic floor strengthening class.

For women only! A 45-minute, all-levels class is specifically designed to stretch and strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles. Great for any woman who has experienced leaking with coughing or jumping, or for those who want to make sure this never happens! This class can be modified for those who are currently expecting, provided you have been cleared to exercise by your physician. Email Chelsea ( with specific questions or concerns.



Emotional and physical balance is a lifelong journey. Align your body with the integrated approach and philosophies of this ancient form of exercise.

Work on lengthening and strengthening your muscles, overall balance and flexibility and posture, while reducing stress as you move through and hold a series of Yoga poses. Yoga is exceptional at toning your whole body and refining your breathing technique while relaxing your nervous system.