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Personal Training

Personal Training—the first thing is to consider your goals.

            Need to be held accountable?

                             Ready to transform your body, mind, spirit?

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Our personal trainers provide:

Our trainers will provide the highest quality service to help you achieve your goals and experience success. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!


Sport Specific Conditioning

Whether you are a professional, collegiate or high school athlete looking to improve your game, a determined competitor looking for that extra edge, or an active individual focused on maximizing performance in any recreational sport, we can help.

Everyone who enjoys movement is an athlete and our motivated professional instructors will help assist you in getting the most out of your athletic performance. An athlete is anyone, any age, who wants to perform to the best of their ability. We are committed to creating the right program for you!

At Experience Momentum Inc. we welcome teams, groups, and individuals to join our training programs. We also encourage inquiries from coaches and trainers interested in off-site group programs and instructional seminars regarding pre-season, peak, and post-season training, nutrition, over-training, and more.


Life Skills Mentoring

A common experience is expending a lot of energy, but going no where in particular.

Create a life that inspires you, one that you enjoy living and has purpose. Create a life that you want to share and others will share when you have left planet earth.

We create our Life Skill Mentoring programs for all different reasons. Here are a few examples:

Our programs are customized around your goals and incorporate exercise, nutrition and life skills activities supporting the growth of your well being. No matter the goal we will create a program that is proven to obtain results.


Weight Management

Whether this is your first time trying to lose weight or your tenth. There is a recipe for success and we provide programs that address these everyday weight issues that you might be experiencing.

We will educate you on the proper nutrition for your situation and how to shed the weight and keep it off.  Set up a free consultation with any of our trainers for a nutrition consultation to see what we can do for you. 425.776.0803

Our philosophy in weight management is to focus on creating a balance in your life by focusing on all aspects and habits of your life. We will collaborate on designing a program targeted to your lifestyle and identify behavioral changes necessary to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. Find out more in our Nutrition section.



EMpower8 is going to transform your life. It is all about getting you started and giving you the tools to maintain a balanced, fulfilled life.

What you will do in the EMpower8 program:

We will evaluate a client's progress throughout the eight-week program to ensure that optimal results are attained and success is achieved. Once the initial eight-week program is completed, clients have the option of continuing to gain momentum with additional coaching and training.

We also offer a EMpower8 teen program, which addresses some different areas in their life, age appropriate.  

If you are interested in more information please contact us!