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Testimonials for our Fitness Services

"The Nike 360 program with Mark Hussar has been excellent and has contributed to my overall goal of taking my game to the next level. Over the last year I have taken several lessons with my  local instructor to make improvements in my game, however, I was not able to get into a few positions due to the restrictions of my body. Mark, through his body movement diagnostic, was able to tell me that two areas were not moving as freely as they needed. He gave me stretches and other strengthening exercises to both loosen up the area to move more freely and increase the overall strength of each area. He evaluated my current workout and took out exercises that could potentially be harmful to my body long term. Lastly, he helped me move my normal warm-up routine from hitting a few balls and putts to a comprehensive 10-15 minute stretching routine that alleviates any stiffness I was accustomed to on the first few holes. Overall, Mark's knowledge and instruction has been a large piece of helping me shoot my lowest score of 67 (-5) after a couple of months of working together. I think if you're a serious golfer trying to take that next step you have to not only look towards lessons, but also work on your body and evaluate the areas that could be holding you back with a specialist like Mark." ~Ira

"I came to EM (Experience Momentum) from a recommendation by my sister and have never looked back. I've worked with just about everyone and all were awesome! I now go to almost all of the group classes and can't get enough of them. I'm doing 2 on 1 personal training with my friend Barb and working with Mark is a blast. He keeps us entertained and is a joy to be around. Kelly's (Bags n Bells) classes are challenging and there is always something new and exciting to do! I've learned a lot and am totally addicted to coming to class! All of the group classes are great! You meet a lot of new friends and get a super workout!" ~Tami G.

"I have been attending classes/training sessions with my friend Tami since May. We started a 2 on 1 training with Mark Hussar and enjoy every workout. We each have different training needs and pains. Mark changes up the exercises to accommodate both of us. I feel much stronger and my back pain is almost non existent. All the classes have been a challenge and I enjoy them all."~ Barb S.