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Angela Anderson
Though I only started pursuing the sport of triathlon in 2012, I’ve competed in three, a few 5Ks and one 12K.  My interests include half marathons, triathlons (hopefully an olympic distance is in my future), and various obstacle courses.  I’ve found that I really like getting out of my comfort zone, challenging myself and finding out what I can really do.  I also like the friendships I have found within this group.

Karen Austin
Triathlons! When I hear the word triathlon I smile a smile that is at least 2.4 miles wide. I became interested in triathlons in 2004 when a dear friend of mine completed his first Ironman. I thought it was a great way to continue with my first love; swimming. There aren't many options for competitive swimmers once they stop competing. Besides, I also love cycling so in my mind I just found the golden ticket. As an EM client, I completed my first triathlon in 2006. I was hooked and fell in love with the sport. There is always something to learn, always a challenge, the course conditions are never the same race to race and the triathlon culture is one of encouragement and inclusion. Anyone and I mean anyone can complete a triathlon. I am now a coach and advocate for the sport and hope to be competing for a very long time!

Ray Baldwin

Rick Berlin
I'm kind of curious regarding a sprint tri think I'll probably add that to the bucket list unfortunately with trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and raising grandkids I don't have alot of free time to train but we'll see.  Not interested in training for long runs or swims however biking on the other hand is possible. I have done runs and biking off and on. I like these sports for two reasons, the idea of pushing myself to do a little more, go a little longer than I thought I could and the pure exhilaration of finishing something that you weren't sure you could do.  I like being a part of the EM Multisport team because it gives me the opportunity to be around people that are enthusiastic in participating, learning better ways to train and having people to train with.

Kristi Evett
I have been a member of the Multisport team since it started. My primary motivation for joining was to stay active and strong. Triathlons are my current interest and I completed my first race in 2010. I like the sense of accomplishment, the possibility, the power of overcoming a challenge or fear. Triathlons expose me to three different sports and to a wide variety of skill levels and backgrounds of my fellow participants.

Judy Gay
My sport of choice is Triathlon. My first event was in June of 2009 when I competed in the Mary Meyer Life Fitness Tri, Tri Again Mini Sprint. I was hooked! This past season I qualified for the Age Group Nationals. There are so many things I like about triathlons. I think what is at the top is that I know I can do this just like my friends Kelly and Kris said and the camaraderie with the other participants and team members at these events. What do I love about the Multisport team? The training, support, laughter, challenge and community. My ultimate goal is to complete an olympic distance triathlon!

Linya Gougeon
My sport of interest is half marathons, 5k's and 10k's. I've been running for over 20 years. I like that it doesn't require too much "stuff" just a good pair of shoes and some comfy shorts. I also like that it is all about YOU and what you want to get out of it. I like being a part of the team because it helps build on your existing fitness level and it is fun to meet new people and surprise yourself on things you can do that you thought you couldn't.

Tim Gougeon
My sport of choice is triathlon! The distances I have participated thus far in sprint, olympic and half Ironman distances. I have been a runner my whole life and transitioned to triathlon and cycling over the past two years. I like the sport of triathlon because it gives me a variety in my training, the racing events are very fun and well organized and the people who participate in triathlons tend to be supportive, fun and upbeat about life.

Tami Guthrie
Right now, my interest lies in the classes that EM has to offer...I am totally addicted to them (if you couldn't tell!). So as an athlete and someone who wants to be and stay active these are my passion and excitement! I have been participating in EM classses since April of 2012. Do I have a favorite? No, they are ALL my favorites! The instructors and trainers are wonderful and really make the classes fun and entertaining. The time goes by so fast. I so love the burn in my muscles! My absolute favorite to pull tires up the hill in Kelly's class!

Jerry Huber

Tina Lange
Right now, my interest has been the classes at EM, most specifically the spin class on Tuesdays. I’m hoping to maybe do the Chilly Hilly. I only started the spin class in December. I’ve been riding bikes a long time and have participated in charity rides and one triathlon. I like the cardio factor and challenge of the spin class. I also like the interval training and the music. I’m hoping the spin class will spur me back into training for another tri or a duathlon since swimming is not my forte. I’ve done many many fun runs in my life and am happy to have logged one half marathon and one marathon (and the one Tri) to my name. I’m hoping to get back into running again as that kind of fell off my radar with injuries and such. I joined the multisport team to train for the Big Climb last year so I could participate in group training.  I did enjoy the informational trainings that were also provided. I enjoyed meeting new people and having common goals.

Renee Lee
I am a runner! I have been running and participating in running events for 25 years. I was a cross country runner, among other sport interests in high school and college. What I love about the sport of running is the simplicity and the honesty. I joined the EM Multisport team in 2011.

Colleen Luque
I have been running short distances recreationally, on and off, since I was a teen. I have been a part of EM for five years where I have been inspired to take on longer running distances and triathlons, which involved two new sports for me. I have participated in 5k and 10k distances, half marathon, marathon, sprint and olympic distance triathlons. Out of all the sports I have tried, triathlons are my favorite. I like that it involves swimming, cycling and running. I feel that the sport is more gentle on my body and it is a great full body workout. Another plus, training is never boring when you are playing three sports at the same time!

Blake Stephens
I have many sport interests like olympic and sprint distance triathlons but I also have an Ironman lined up for this summer (2013). I got into triathlons in 2008. I have been a skier since the age of 2 and a snowboarder since I was 8. I also was a very serious hockey player, playing the game for 13 years before retiring in 2006. I love to mountain bike, cross country and free ride and have been doing these sports since 98-99. Hiking, bodyboarding, surfing...I will try anything at least once. I like the individual challenge of triathlons. Having been in team sports so much of my life it is a fun change up. I love bikes, so getting on pedals and two wheels makes me happy. I am a powderhound so powder equals bliss in my mind, I'm a complete addict. While I like the challenge of being alone, being on the multisport team presents the team opportunity that I inherently love so much. The spirit and passion the team has as a unit is unique on multiple levels.

Kris Stephens
I enjoy triathlons and running. 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons. I have completed sprint and olympic distance triathlons. I enjoy training for triathlons as it's three sports to train for. I really like the atmosphere of race day at tri events. So many different ages and skill levels represented. I like half marathons now because I enjoy the rhythm/pace of my running as well as the scenery that stretches out before me. I used to hate to run! I began when I was 50. I like the camaraderie of the group training with the EM Multisport Team. This makes the group workouts fun and I try harder. Likewise, when I'm training solo, its very comforting and supportive in the wandering daydreams of knowing there is a teammate(s) out there doin what u r doin'.

Krista Stephens
I enjoy running half marathons, cycling and competing in triathlons. I've competed in olympic and half-iron distances; working my way up to a full ironman. I have been participating in multisport events since the summer of 2009. I love that there is always a new goal you can set for yourself. Whether it is a faster race time, a longer distance or a more scenic race venue, there is always room to grow and strive for something greater.

Barbara Stoneman
I joined the multisport team so I would have a group to run around with or bike or jog with. I really don't like doing things alone. I'm looking forward to the swim workouts at the pool and joining the team at the track. Going on group bike rides and hikes. I've done a few triathlons, Bloomsday Run, bike rides, but really all I want to do is get up and move, I sit at a desk all day. I also have a dog at home that loves to go on walks, down the trail to the Meadowdale beach is one of our favorites. Maybe we could do a group dog jog around Greenlake! Looking forward to getting to know everyone, keep moving and having a great time.

Shanon Tysland
My sports of interest are triathlons, running, hiking, skiing and cycling. I have been participating in triathlons on and off since 1998, running for about as long, skiing, both Nordic and Alpine, since 1999, hiking forever and I was a Washington Alpine Club instructor and last but not least, I have been on a bicycle since I was 5. I like different things about each one of these sports. I like the variety, the fact that I can clear my head, get in touch with the bigger picture, being outside and breathing in the fresh and sometimes mountain air and the sense of freedom. I think what I like most of all about being involved with the EM Multisport team is the camaraderie. Being with a team reminds me of my high school days and I feel young again, I mean really young. I also find that enjoying successes with other people and watching others overcome obstacles is inspiring to me.

Nora Wright
I am attempting to turn myself into a triathlete. I've been cycling since I learned to ride a bike when I was six, in high school a group of us would do our own Chilly Hilly, biking to Bainbridge and spending the night under picnic tables in Fay Bainbridge park. I started jogging when it became popular in the 70's, I remember Farah Fawcett was on the cover of Time for a feature story about the craze. In 2009 I did the Kirkland Duathlon and loved it. But there aren't many duathlons. I've got bad knees so I'll never be much of a distance runner.  Then I got to know Dan at EM and he kept encouraging me to join the Multisport team. Last year I did the Rainman Indoor Triathlon with Karen, Angie and Elaine and I loved it. Then I did the Cottage Lake super-sprint and loved THAT. The swim warms me up for the bike, then I can do the two sports I love, and it feels so good when you're done!

Training with the multi-sport team is a blast, it's like a party only we sweat! It forces me to get out there and do those runs, swims and bikes, and it is much more fun with a group of like-minded people. it's great to cross that finish line with and see a bunch of smiling faces and hear the cheers!