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Nutrition Programs

We offer several nutrition program options for your individual needs. We recommend the goal assessment to start any of the following programs offered below.

Programs include:


Nutritional Goal Assessment

Sometimes the biggest roadblock to your success with your health and fitness goal is knowing where to start. In this 90 min consultation your consultant will take time to get to know you, your goals, and your past struggles and successes. Then, based on your conversation your consultant will give you valuable education about the best approach for you to reach your health goals.

Valued at $125.00 we make this consultation available to our clients, their family and friends at no charge.

*It is recommended that you complete a goal assessment prior to beginning any of our other consulting programs.


12-week EMPowered Nutrition Program

No matter what your previous experience has been with weight loss you can be successful if you are given the right tools, direction, motivation and education. When these elements come together success is the only option.

Throughout this 12 week program you are provided with more than just a weekly meal plan. In your initial consultation you will be provided with a personalized, detailed nutrition plan that is built from scratch with your input. Your consultant will also take starting measurements to establish a baseline.

During the first week you will follow this structured plan to begin building habits and to give us an idea how your body will respond. Starting immediately the second week you will be taught how to use your initial plan as a framework to begin to introduce a wide variety of foods by making substitutions. Each following week your consultant will continue to track your progress while introducing you to educational topics providing you with the knowledge essential to long term success.

In addition to nutrition we combine physiological, social, psychological and behavioral sciences to create an environment of success. Rather than trying to trick or force your body to lose weight through chemicals or deprivation we work with your body’s natural rhythms and needs to induce weight loss as a product of health while empowering you to become independent and self-sufficient in maintaining your results forever.

This program is available for a discounted rate of $75.00 per session, total price $900.00. A payment plan is available. 


Extreme EMPowered Nutrition and Exercise Consulting Package

In addition to the 12 week “EMPowered Nutrition” program you will receive 10 sessions of highly personalized exercise program design. Your consultant will create an exercise program specifically tailored to your needs, goals, ability, and resources. Whether you would like to exercise in a gym full of equipment or in your backyard with just your bodyweight or somewhere in between we will create a program that fits you best.

Available at reduced rate of $60.00 per session. Package includes the 12-Week EMPowered Nutrition Program + 10 sessions of EMPowered Exercise consulting. Total Price $1,320.00  (payment plan available)


Weights and Measures

To be successful in any endeavor most of us need to know where we are at and if we are going in the right direction. In order to provide our clients with the frequent feedback necessary for success we have created quick “check in” sessions where you will be provided with a full range of measurements including circumference measurements, accurate weight and body composition (Body fat vs lean body mass %) this is also a great opportunity to ask questions and receive motivation and encouragement.

A single session is available for $25.00; 10 session package available for $200.00.



Get a Jumpstart on your health goals with a 90 min nutrition consultation including personalized nutrition program design based on real foods that can be found at a regular grocery store. Your plan will include foods you like to eat and must fit your schedule and lifestyle. Each following week for 10 weeks you will have an opportunity to “check in” to assess your progress, ask questions and receive motivation and encouragement.

This program is available for $395.00.


EMPowered Athlete Peak Performance Nutrition Plan: 

Sports nutrition is so much more than “fueling” the body for training.  

Nutrition is the foundation of your training program, yet many athletes view it as secondary or irrelevant to their overall training plan. Athletes that fail to adapt their nutrition to their training are more likely to lose muscle instead of body fat; they are at significant risk of training related injuries and experiencing sub-par performance throughout their training cycles and on event day.

Working in partnership with you, our nutrition consultants will prepare a highly personalized nutrition plan based on your specific needs and goals. During this initial session, you will also receive an accurate macronutrient ratio calculation which includes analysis of proteins, carbohydrates and fats based on the phase, volume and intensity of your training cycle(s). Focus on macronutrient ratios over calories is one of the major differences separating sports nutrition from standard, everyday nutrition programs.  

Program Features:

Program cost - $250.00
Program Follow-up Cost - $125.00 (only available to those who have completed the Peak Performance Nutrition Plan program)


Share the Health Parties and Educational Seminars

Are you interested in sharing the valuable information you have gained with your family, friends, coworkers, or teammates? At Experience Momentum we are committed to Education! We know that the people around you have an enormous effect on your success. In our efforts to support our clients with their health goals we provide Free and low cost educational seminars on a wide variety of health topics from Healthy fat loss and sports nutrition to women’s health and how to prepare for your first triathlon. We often have seminars here at our center but we also will come to your home, school or work place. If you have a topic you would like one of our experts to speak on let us know and we will make arrangements to help you out.

These Programs vary in price from Free to $250 depending on the topic and size of audience.