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Testimonials for our Nutrition Services

"I try hard to eat right throughout the day and exercise. I had no hesitations watching the video (skinny on fat) after my friend recommended  it. My impressionss were that I need to get back to eating right and exercising. I liked that you gave my friend and I good healthy ways to take care of ourselves and motivate myself to go back to what I know is good for me. I feel this video can help any and all of all ages!" 
~ Helen B.

"I have never learned how to eat properly - that was interesting for me - I am anxious to try a balanced meal. Making my energy level a little more csonstant would be a plus. I am interested in hearing more."
~ Traci W.

"I love the fact that I have to eat to lose fat. I found what I learned (in the skinny on fat video) very helpful. Thank You."
~Leanna L.

"Great Information!"
~ Jessica F.

"You taught me a lot about how the rules we live by in trying to lose weight is in the truth not quite doing what we thought. It has given me a hole new way to think of it. You had lots of good advice with  ideas and examples to back them up. Thank you so much for explaining why some basic things just don't work."
~ Heather T.

"I was really excited to watch your Skinny on Fat video tonight because I'm tired of looking at these fad things and wanting to try them because of what they promise- this was great, informative, not pushy at all, and encouraging. Also, it made sense!"
~Shanna B.

"Very informative. I liked hearing personal experiences and knowing that you don't have to eat less calories to lose weight. I knew this seminar would be informative, but this was AWESOME!"
~Tina S.

"This is a very informative video. It's stuff that makes sense and isn't that complicated. It makes me excited to get fit and lose fat. This seems like a plan that you can stick with."
~Gail D.

"I want to lose weight but I'm scared. I think it could work. I would like to try something. I have tried everything. I think this could be really good for me and help me a lot."
~Dora G.