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Massage Therapy

In Washington State it's not hard to find a good massage therapist. We're fortunate that state laws require all massage therapist to be nationally certified or have an equivalent certification. However many people are surprised to find that not all massage therapists are trained in advanced clinical therapies.

At Experience Momentum we encourage you to stick with your regular massage therapist (if you already have one) for regular maintenance, however, if you're looking for focused injury treatment that require specialized knowledge of biomechanics, fascial systems, combined with practical experience working with patients post injury and surgery we strongly recommend that you take time to meet one of our therapists.

Each of our massage therapists have specific training well above the basic requirements for national certification. They continued to receive training both within and outside of experience momentum in advanced clinical soft tissue techniques, and assessment skills. Additionally our massage therapists work closely with our physical therapists to ensure that our patients receive consistent care throughout the recovery process.

If you have experience with any of the following massage therapy may be a good option for you:

We are providers with most major insurance plans. We are happy to help you check on your benefits to see if massage therapy is covered under your plan. If you are uninsured, or your insurance plan does not cover massage therapy we're able to help you speed your way to full recovery with our private pay options.

For more information on our massage therapy services and how they can help you through your recovery please call us at 425-776-0803 to schedule a complimentary assessment.