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Testimonials for our Therapy Services

"Two years ago I was unable to walk due to full body pain and was shortly after diagnosed with a condition that requires me to stay as flexible as possible. Experience Momentum with their highly educated people and friendly staff have transformed me through full body stretch routines, cutting edge ART therapies and with the True Stretch approach. Along my journey to mobility and wellness I always felt supported and was given the hope I needed. I have been to four other physical therapy clinics in the area and no one understands the human body and how it moves more than this team of people...period! EM is a clean, well-organized operation with the passion and primary goal of making you healthy. Don't waste your time searching for a PT like I did. Just come here and get started. You won't be disappointed."
- Tim G.

"I started physical therapy with EM in 2010 for a lower back issue and at that time started working with Joanne. Throughout the process, Joanne was very patient and supportive but at the same time ensures that I am challenged and making progress. The difference I see in receiving support from Joanne and EM and other places is that at EM they take a long term approach to treatment. Joanne, in the latter part of my rehabilitation, worked with me on seemingly unrelated areas, correcting imbalances in my body. What I got most out of my experience besides feeling better, is the education and confidence to take the necessary steps and exercise to prevent any further lower back flare ups. This is a start contrast to any of my other experiences at other clinics. It is also the reason I drive 30 miles round trip to EM for my sessions!"
- Hendry

"My back has severe arthritis. Two surgeons told me that they would be unable to fix my issue and I should seek out physical therapy. My wife had been receiving services from EM and had received great care so I went too. You guys have helped reduce my pain level to the point that I'm not needing epidural shots anymore. Chelsea and Nancy (Coach) have pushed me to new limits. Thank you ladies. Your encouragement and knowledge have spurred me on when I am away from the clinic and on my own. Thanks for the freedom of movement again."
- Scott T.